Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a little catch up.

we had Taylor for a week while his mom was in Honduras. Lucky for him he got a bike for his graduation so he packed it a long and we rode 3x.
this is the earth art (as I call it ) and this one spins like a merry go round cool.
a little football in the fountain. now it had been raining when we started out but then stopped as well as it was after dinner so you can see we almost had the place to ourselves.
we went from the zoo all the way to the planetarium and stopped here for my favorite view of the city. then we rode back in the dark. a new ride for us it was really fun. all the paths a very lit so it wasn't really dark but the we saw the sun go down!

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WML said...

So glad to see you are up and blogging. Love you.