Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I have to show it!

here are the eastern toilets. some have paper, most don't. and if given a choice the locals will chose this one over a western toilet. truth be told I got very good at using them, wendy on the other hand was much less of a fan.
the chinese love mickey, and along with everything else even mickey has a fake.
one of the days we went to seaside park, a sort of small sea world I imagine. it was amusing.this was the "pole room" rather than polar and really all it was is a big cold room, weird.
"one of these things is not like the other" we really were kind of a spectacle everywhere we went in Dalian, but I liked it!
if you could look closely you would see 99% of the crowd is adults, there just aren't that many kids , which I knew but when you are at a dolphin show and look around to see that it's really strange, no babies crying, or kids singing along, which by the way all the music at this show(narrated in all chinese)was english. From Michael Jackson to the Beatles to nursery rhymes to contemporary christian songs. so strange, but you know our family lives on music so it was welcome listening to familiar songs to me.

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WML said...

Maybe you should come to one of our student meetings and do an "Eastern Toilet" demonstration.