Saturday, November 10, 2007

another Mecher wedding!

I really had so many great pictures is why it took me so long to down load them all, but I think you will find it was worth the wait. enjoy!
Gray lovin the chocolate fountain, he actually was mad I made him wear the aapron.

love it! Kira was one of Kyles flower girls she did fantastic.

Livs job.
oh man I didn't turn it. This is Kyle seeing Jenny for the first time today!
this is what he saw.

there was awsome worship time
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Mecher

Gray tried to sneekin to the Mecher family (large) photo, Mike was thrilled to assist, however he quickly got the boot.
Reg and Be's kids, kids kids and kids kids kids! (no David)
well he had to get in one.
at the reception

Hooray David makes it!

Gray only made it to the salad, to bad he really wanted to try out his dance moves. It was a great day of coarse.

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WML said...

Life doesn't get much better than the whole, whole family, does it?