Monday, November 26, 2007

guess who is 3

and today 3 years later. we had a full and wonderful day starting with sticky buns of coarse, with extra sticky, as Chris always says $3 and a #3 shirt
a few gifts later and we were on our way out. we picked up Gairette to join our celebration
and headed to build a bear were he picked out a turtle
and named him "little turtle"
we mooched , shopped, played

and ate lunch. now he has become well a ham at photos as you will see in these next few you take out the camera and he puts on some wacky expression ugh.then the high light of his day the nickel arcade
back home for dinner, gifts and cake. now my boy Sky made and decorated this #3 t-shirt cake and boy was it GOOOOD!
uh yeah

he's not really slepping, just showing his new things off for the camera, look out world Grayden has turned three and he's "growed up now"


WML said...

Happy Birthday, Gray! Gairette had a fabulous time playing hooky today. I know he is only three, but I cannot imagine life without the little guy.

condapfour said...

so funny about the nickel arcade. when we were in he kept talking about how he was "going to the nickel arcade when he was all growed up." you made your three year olds dreams all come true! happy birthday little man!