Tuesday, July 15, 2008

our weekend

this weekend David and B went on a father son get away so we had our own fun here. you already saw the parade, phone and wings but here is Sunday and Monday.
we camped out in wendys back yard, some friends also came to join the fun
monday we went to the beach

sarah was a real trooper to take sky and KB on the paddle boat. Skys date fell asleep
then for lunch we came back to make CPBC style hobo dinners (T and Skys idea) we used to call them tinfoil dinners I think that is more politically correct.
Sky was in charge of cooking the hobos
here we are feasting on delicious camp food. we left about 4 to head back to city life and pick up B and d at ohare. it sure was an adventure


Brooke said...

Looks like a fun time. That looks like my kind of camping...one night, close to shelter, shower and running water. Very nice.

WML said...

Thank you for keeping my tent fiasco out of the blog, though I think me laying outside my accomodations would have been interesting...Thank you for a great day. We can't wait until the next time.