Saturday, August 02, 2008

nothing like a chicago block party

bike decorating
even skinny j got to be in the bike parade

this was G's first time on his big bike
Gairette won 1st prize
no block party would be complete without Gladstones water games

a new one in honor of the Olympics

oldie but a goodie

B didn't get wet today instead played Chinese hackey sac

then a police K9 unit came it was so cool

this is a big deal for liv, she is not a dog lover

it was really interesting,I think
Sky's a winner

the kids raffle, David bought each kid 10 tickets...

G won 7 out of his 10 he was the big winner today
then the fireman came always a good time
you know that I love when my kids do things that I did as a child
Dave talking with the boys

future firefighters?
Anna and aunt lynn were the first to win at the bake raffle
sky won cookies

more yard games, more fun.

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WML said...

The block party - another thing I love about summer.