Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Do you recognize her? Carrie (Thieme) had a surprise party. I hadn't seen her since O was born. It was such a wonderful time David and I were her oldest friends there, I was proud of the title.she has 3 kids and is pg with #4, looks like it hua. funny for a girl who never wanted kids. she also is a doula which I find facinating, I told her its what I always wanted to be when I grow up. I do not know where I could squeeze that in to my schedule but what an awsome job right.
so families were invited and no kidding the adulds were out numbered probably 2 to 1. The kids quickly made friends and were sad when we left, the 2nd to last ones, funny thing is how we only knew carrie walking in but met so many people. 1 lives 1 mile from our house, many of them know mutual people so many live in chicago which is surprising because they live in Bolingbrook and are you ready for this still go to MOODY CHURCH! yes I called Wendy and told her she wasn't the driving winner anymore.
It was a great day. I was so tierd and knew it would be good to see Carrie, but it turned out wonderful! God is so awsome old friends, complete strangers, no matter.

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WML said...

Good thing I don't go to bethel because of the driving record! It is good to see how God is working in our lives and that he is at work in the lives of people we do not have regular contact with.