Thursday, June 14, 2007


My intentions here are 2 fold. 1, for those of us who grew up and around 5125 this is what we have been used to.
but a couple of weeks ago, with grandma and grandpas blessing, the old grape vine came down. you can see that the boys are thrilled with the extra space.
intention # 2. To show you all out there in blog land that we do actually stay home and my kids do play in our yard.
alond with the de-vine job David also built a gate to block our gangway. It is so great to keep Gray in and the dog next door out!
go north side! oh how my mom would have loved this, her grandbabies loving the cubs.


WML said...

In the words of mom, "Whoo Hoo!"

WML said...

I was up looking for an update :( Love you!