Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I have a confession. I am pulling a Wendy, blogging when I have piles of work infront of me, check book to be balanced, bills to be payed, emails to be looked at, yep all this is for you guys out there. And while I'm spilling my guts as I was posting, well this morning, I realized we are really busy. I mean this is a really busy time for us and our summer is totally booked already which I don't like, but well I guess it's how I like it. hanging on by a very thin thread. Just a step away from crazy thank God my kids are on board with it. I suppose 4 kids = craziness, love it. actually I know I'm nuts we have been going non stop and here is me trying to figure out when we came squeeze in a bike ride. well todays fun had a purpose, yes B had an ortho appt. And that means a visit to uncle dan and aunt sarahs house. Dr. Dan gave B much pain! So back to the picture funny hue what great timing.
my pictures aren't really good. Sarahs are way better.

then we met th Lourias at IKEA for lunch and then to Target for camp shopping lots of fun. well then we came home to do camp laundry, I have done 10 loads so far. 4 kids= mountains of laundry! well I'm off to switch my laundry and unhappily get to my paper work, note the time I'm starting, 1:27 am oh boy no sleeping when heavy is at the fire house. hope this has been a welcome break for you as well. Tammy

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WML said...

Tam - 1:30, hmmm. At least you were near your computer and where your work was last night. I should have been on-line doing homework, but talking to T in bed turned into an early (11:30) bedtime for me. Thanks for the update, your procrastinating made my day. It is a lot when fun seems like work - I wish I could help.