Monday, October 29, 2007

BOO at the Zoo = FUN!

we were a spooky group it was us and Taylor, Brooke and Rachel, the Lourias and Kendell the Hankins and the Stroms. that's 15 kids if your counting.
it was a great day weather wise we all dressed up, family and friends, it doesn't get much better than that.
the m&m and pumpkin
the bride and Belle both beautiful
well we had to put this one in
and yes olivia had her Jackson time.
so pretty (T is Miss America)

Urlacher rehydrating

the girls (Saige= bat girl I am livvys flower girl and you will see Gairette changed to a cheer leader)
and boys ( B is Mr. Monopoly)

a handsome couple

a good portion of the Reg and Be offspring (Taylor is a Rill when with us). We all decided that the zoo didn't do that great of a job at having a holloween party, but the animals, weather and company were outstanding so I call this a fantastic fall day!

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WML said...

We LOVED reliving a fun day on your blog. There are so many great pictures here - why do I even bother bringing my camera?