Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm going to sound old, but...

we met Wendy and the girls on Columbus day (thanks to Christopher for the holiday) at woodfield to celebrate T's birthday and she got her ears pierced and wanted me and Liv to be there, so cute! And I can't explain why but seeing her get them done I couldn't believe how big she's gotten, so crazy I kept thinking of the day she was born, her first breath, cry, the first time I held her, she made me auntie T! for some reason earrings in my eyes made her all grown up. Glad I was there for it. Thanks for inviting us T-Bone I love ya baby!
then on Wed. I think courtney and the boys stopped in, F-U-N. And again "oldness" just look at the bottom picture and you can just see the blessing family is. God is awsome.


WML said...

Too bad T is asleep, I want to show her this right now! The day she was born was totally awesome, wasn't it?

WML said...

Thanks for the nice comment! I loved it too. It was very fun to hang out with you and livvy! I am glad you are my aunt. Tell or show Olivia this. Also, I love you both very much!