Friday, June 27, 2008

Birthday! Island! A new record!

what a lucky start to Livs b-day, a visit from Colby, she looks 6 now doesn't she
her 2nd happy birthday, we decorated our table but didn't get that picture on, oops
out to the island B was excited to show us around
6 already ugh
a little Tarzan liv and Gray also went on this
lunch on the island we need a table like this

the zip line 2x for sky

yep that's gray up there! Kyle checked his harness about 20x I felt completely confident in him. Erik I can hear you gasping in disbelief but it's true

"oh yeah baby"
"if I were you I'd try the zip line!"
my zippers
sky and nellie, climb away

so gray
he made it to the top, thanks Nellie
oh man

liv did climb but I wasn't there with the camera

6 year portrait
not sure which one we should choose
mini mustachios


we celebrated with strawberry pop

learning to do skipit a big hit here
good day as you can tell we thank God for our biggest surprise ever our little girl who know has to use 2 hands to show how old she is, "and many more"...


Brooke said...

Seriously...I LOVE your updates from camp. I miss you guys!!! Looks like so much fun. And it looks like Liv had an amazing birthday. She'll probably end up being like me and spending more of her birthdays away from home than at home. When will her first international birthday be? Did you get the fax I sent yesterday? I love you guys.

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! Great pictures as always Tammy! Jeff and I really like the picture of Liv with the sunglasses on her head it looks professional :)

WML said...

Sky and Gray, WHen I was in China some students went ziplining off a mountain over the ocean. I would much rather see you! Happy birthday, Liv. I cannot wait to give you a birthday hug.