Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a little update from us

here is as we dropped the kids off, sadly this is the only picture I took. God is so good we were praying that sky would get a counselor he already knew (since he was staying without B and he had Colby) and God did it!! he couldn't have had a better one Andy one of the best and we praise God for looking out for sky. An added bonus is that this other kid was in his cabin last year with his brother as well and his bro went to the island too and was alone, not for long!
we were blessed enough to stay with friends the whole week, It was great to have time with just Gray and Liv, man 2 kids is a sinch, also having new kids for them to play with was a great bonus for everyone.
here is my REI plug- the day before we left we stopped at our favorite outdoor store and got this bug loop, very cool, G put it right to use.

one of the days we took our kids on a date to Eagle river we ate lunch at our fav Soda pops, yum!we also did some shopping and I tell you that most of the stores still have the same merchandise as they did when we were in high school vacationing with the folks, true.

It finally got warmer at the end of the week so here are the happy swimmers

hum is this considered a date?

no trip up north would be complete without getting some ice cream in Eagle River, hasn't changed either maybe that's part of the charm.

Saturday back to camp to get our guys, B said he is "defiantly going back to the island"

and sky said "I'm coming with you"

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WML said...

Another fun vacation. B, you look surprisingly clean after a week on the island!