Monday, June 02, 2008

a great saturday

it started at diamond lake beach for a wake board competition which was really cool
then at the end a few of us had a chance to ride the competition boat and watch things like this
so this is what an 80 thousand dollar boat feels like
this is what it looks like. Yep you read right that's $80,000.00 holy cow!
then we went back to wendys house for more fun. the older kids started to play in the mud
they wanted no part
G tried it but decided he didn't like it
and asked for " a little napkin to clean up"

well you can see what happened here, B said he was just getting ready for the island at camp
and after 1 1/2 hours in the mud this is what you look like
good times
well then the clean up began
Sky made a "mud shirt" clever. this was a great summer day, and better yet the summer has just begun hopefully many more ahead!


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condapfour said...

It looks like the big kids had so much fun, but UGH...the thought of all that mud all over me is disgusting. Also...the thought of cleaning up said child even after the hose off - YIPES!