Monday, September 08, 2008

cross country has begun

so our Saturdays are booked till in November

if you look closely at the Fenwick runner there you will notice one shoe and one sock. Poor guy lost his shoe on the first turn and still came in 5th
to keep G busy I gave him my little camera here are some of his race pic's

oh no self portraits already

sky set up this grandiose "chair" for himself

the coach and some of his boys

taking home some hardware for first place
we had the first place runner so he gets a traveling trophy with his name on it. The last Fenwick jr. to take home that trophy was a speedy little runner in the 80's. Glad to have it back
after the race me and the kids went in to Elmhurst for some fun and they had these fun fire trucks on the corners like how chicago had the cows.


Pipsontoast said...

I really love that pic of liv looking to the side.

WML said...

Wow! That pic of Livvs is incredible...She looks wayyyy beautiful and older there, an image of things to come.

I love the sock story, too

erik and courtney said...

i am not okay with how grown up olivia looks in that one picture! she will be in high school before we know it!