Monday, September 29, 2008

it's all about a future friar this week

B has been training for the Loyola invitational for the past few months

525 7th and 8th graders
he got out great. went right to the top 20 so he didn't get trapped
just over 1 mile
in 7min 48 sec.

we found him right away
his cheering section
finally David found us ( he ran around the coarse to catch B at several spots we did not)so proud ,I didn't cry, I've had people ask already but nope

G with the great view
God is so good in giving B such awesome jam leaders
MY BOY # 13 out of 525!!! not bad for his first race.
then we headed to the beach while the other races went on

love it
you can almost hear them say "cheese"

what a wonderful morning we hope there are many more races in store.

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WML said...

It was a totally great day. Congratulations, B-max! We can't wait until the next one.