Monday, September 15, 2008

some pretty ladies are wearing new jeweley

mom goes first to show it doesn't hurt
then it's little A's turn .she decided after it was all done that "I don't want my ears pierced" It was a little more pain than she bargained for
but the lolly pop was a quick fix.even more beautiful
these are all the people little A wanted at her ears pierced. Well sadly Dave couldn't come, she loves Dave (who doesn't) because he was saving lives and protecting property but I bet when he does see them she will get a large show from him.
I told Addi that I hope she invites us when she gets her ears pierced because this was a great party
I just love seeing our kids together. Thanks little A for inviting us to this big day. You were very brave and we were very proud of you today.

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WML said...

Wow! We thought T's piercing day was a bash. Were we wrong!