Tuesday, September 02, 2008

hopefully a new tradition

to celebrate labor day we took a family bike ride down down. With 19 people, 11 bikes, 1 trailer and 3 buggies were quite a parade. our first stop was at millennium park for a picnic lunch

and fun in the fountain

B and Gray always do this trick there and draw attention but today everyone wanted to try it. It was funny to look around and see 10 people all spinning their kids around. It was a big hit way to go B!
what a weird thing to find here
caleb and jackson even joined the spinning
colby was the first to leave after millennium

next stop the beach

she is so good at self portraits

here we are, what a site

next stop the secret park


and one more stop the zoo. All that was left was the rills, stroms and uncle gladdy and aunt lynn. We were like the energizer bunnies.

God gave me much grace to let last all day. Biking is one of my favorite things to give it up, well I'll take the pain. It was a wonderful way to use the holiday and like I said I hope it becomes our new end of the summer tradition.

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WML said...

Almost as fun as camp! You must have been a sight all travelling together. I bet people hated passing you!