Monday, November 17, 2008

B max qualifies

B had another race on Saturday
he is 3rd from the right-black and white with a black hat

we are experts at this cheering thing

he finished 11th top 20 move on so we run regional next week

B was very lucky to have extra cheering here, grandma and grandpa made the 3 hour drive to watch his 12:22 minute race. Now that's a grandparents love!

since we had to leave our house at 6am this is what the ride home looked like

before we hit our house we stopped at the mechers to see our little A who we have been missing so much for 2 weeks! They are all home finally (I apologise for all those 2 week vacations we have taken it really is to long on this side) you can see that she missed us too! E &A glad you are back home! Next trip we take together!

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WML said...

Next week the cheering section will be larger. Great job, B!