Sunday, November 23, 2008

our last race of the season

today was the regional meet which is all of IL and IN.
don't let those boys fool you it was COLD!

he finished a respectable 22nd, 20 go to nationals. and cut almost a minute off last weeks time. David looked at the times from the rest of the nation and we are one of the fastest states, which we knew, but in any other state his time would have finished in the top 10 some even top 5!

we had a bunch of loving (very loving it was cold) cheerers today

the loudest one right here

then we celebrated Gairettes birthday with some cupcakes

warming up
aunt lynn and uncle Gladdy never waisting a single minute

and then the feast after. Brooke called an old friend who lives near by the race and she told us of a good burger place and even came to join us, Thanks Kelly

and on the ride home Gray and liv gave us a little concert of worship songs in to their deluxe microphones

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