Wednesday, November 12, 2008

thanks to all the Veterans

we had a large crown to celebrate! 10 kids and 3 grown ups. we ate lunch at Ikea
Gray got to have a friend day with addi

then the little kids played in the play ground at Ikea. After we were lucky enough to be able to stop at the firehouse to see Dave. The kids were thrilled.

Addi wasn't sure at first because of some fire house noises but you can see David got her in a happy mood quickly

she even said she might be a firefighter when she gets big

everyone had fun trying on the turn out gear

even our kids still like to do it

this is when Dave turned on the fire truck lights for us. We decided not to do the siren because we didn't want to scare anyone

saying good bye

I really was there too

one last picture for friend day

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WML said...

What a great day. A lot of kids, but just the right amount of craziness. Thanks!