Monday, October 13, 2008

it's a tradition

we went down to the chicago marathon and we ran in to Colby first. Mr. important with his media credentials, he was filming the race super cool!
David got a promotion this year to the 2 minute elite car22 years of volunteering paying off

this year Luke rode with David which fun and they even matched outfits, ahh.

we met up with the Strom 3 for a day full of fun. we prayed in the morning that our grandpa would "finish his race" before this race was over and while standing at this fence we got the call " grampa's is heaven" we were celebrating together praising God . Courtney and I were so blessed to have been together right at that moment. we stopped to take a picture to always remember that moment together, that pic will be on Courts blog. then a photographer stopped to take pic's of jackson to bad we didn't ask him who he worked for our mind wasn't in it just then.

the boys kept busy

this right in the middle of the city and oh it smelled so good!
no marathon would be complete without bunny ears

when I asked the boys to leave to move to another spot caleb asked "but will there be dirt there?" oh the worries of a 3 year old. here we are we found more dirt!
finally we all assembled at the finish line together
perks for wearing crocs
sweet hats

Chris let liv keep his bell to continue cheering and how cool is it that it has the date grampa finished his race stamped right on it
more dirt
oh man as we were walking back we found this cool truck spraying mist all the way across the street. David stopped to look at chicago fire dept's toy sighed and said " oh I love this city!"
we made this sign for our favorite race finisher of the day! He finished well!

another Chicago marathon in the books

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WML said...

O.k. It is on my calendar for next year!