Thursday, October 23, 2008

pumpkin farm fun

Gray was so excited to take pictures with these wood cut outs

I love a run in picture

Liv was so funny she was trying to teach the animals to behave "ok everyone can have some but no pushing or you won't get any, hey, hey I said no pushing..."

it was pouring rain so we took refuge in the animal tent for a long while. Actually it was clever how they sold the animal food it was a ice cream cone full of the seedy food then they poured a bit on the lg spoon or just feed them out of the cone which cut out actual contact with the animals

then when the seeds were gone you held the cone up and the giraffe snatched it up and ate it

the hay maze also under a tent

during the worst of the rain we ate lunch then came back to the corn maze
even a pumpkin kart can be fun

again we are safe from the rain

we very wet, cold but the kids loved this adventure of a day


Brooke said...

What deluxe pumpkin farm was that? Giraffes? Impressive. The story of Livvy teaching the animals is so cute. And it looks like she wasn't too sure about getting too close to the giraffe's tongue...I see her ice cream cone falling to the ground!

WML said...

I am with brooke, it was REALLY deluxer. I loved Gray's stance on the run in - do you have a Christmas pic, because that is pretty cute cropped a bit.