Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sparks is the place to be!

50 sparkies trick or treating through the church
this was my favorite costume- the basket of laundry

our Olympic gymnast team

this is one of my friends who loves to dress up like I do
the kids were so excited, they said "we never trick or treated inside before" I just let them think I made up the idea
our gold medalists

still LOVE dress up! (I've certainly got my $5 worth out of that costume W's wearing)

she says she will be a firefighter on Friday lets hope

me and Prince Caspian (from Narnia) no surprise his sword broke before clubs even began. Sorry you missed it aunt betty and uncle Gladdy it may have been our best year ever!

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WML said...

It looks like Saige and Livs watched enough Olympics this summer. They have the move down perfectly!